Baylor Football’s 2021 Mindset: Simple Can Be Sophisticated


WACO — Dave Aranda and The Baylor Football Team have spent the offseason trying to ‘do simple better’.

For Terrel Bernard and the Baylor defense it’s all about keeping calls and schemes simple to allow the players to play fast.

“We’re not out here to gimmick people, we’re not out here to trick people,” he said. “You’re going to know what we’re doing and we want you to know what we’re doing, and we’re going to beat you while you know what we’re doing.”

Aranda wants his guys to play with a ‘green light mentality’.

“We talk about it like a stoplight,” Aranda said. “So it’s it’s red, it’s yellow and it’s green. Guys who play at yellow — as in am I supposed to be doing this? Am I right? I’m not really sure. Is that my gap? Is that my my zone? I don’t really know. Red would be palms up or transfer portal. Right. What breaks you? What stops you? And then green would be go. Right? Like authentically go.”

Over on the offensive side of the ball new offensive Coordinator Jeff Grimes likes to run many different plays of more simple formations.

“We’re an attacking offense,” Senior offensive lineman Connor Galvin said. “We run a lot of plays, a lot of ways. [We have] multiple formations, a lot of misdirection, speed off the ball and me running off the ball every play. Yes, we do a lot of stuff, but we keep it very simple. So there’s no like having to process it on the field as you go. So call the play boom. It’s there. No thinking.”

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