Baylor Football is Going About Business as Usual Under Very Unusual Circumstances


WACO — Dave Aranda is still commuting back-and-forth from Baton Rouge taking care of his family and preparing to move them to their new home in Waco, while also running his football team from a distance.

Aranda is using the long drive to connect with recruits, being sure not to waste a second of time.

“I’ve tried to do as many recruiting calls as possible on that drive and so it’s gotten to where it flies by,” he said. “But then when I’m up here [in Waco] the ability to kind of get to work on the planning, allows the time to do that.”

Aranda and the Bears are working their way towards a goal line that they can’t really see right now, but he expects this next month to go a long way towards giving some hints towards a possible timeline.

“The fact that is so fluid, I think is challenging,” he said. “What this month is going to be has a lot to do with what the next month is.”

While they await to get on the field together the Bears, like other teams are holding their meetings via Zoom, and while it’s not like being with the team in-person and on the field, Aranda is making the most of being able to make eye contact with his guys.

“You can see the face, you can see the interaction,” he said. And you can you can kind of measure, are they locked in. At the end of a lot of these meetings there is the ability to quiz them, to have them kind of put it in their own words. [And say] Hey, you turn around and teach me.”

With so many veterans on the team Aranda is impressed with their leadership, even from a distance.

“The consensus of our team [is] our guys that want to push,” he said. “They want to lead. They want to take that next step. They want to be better than they were here last year.”

As the work continues, unfortunately so does the waiting, but Aranda is hopeful he will be able to lead his team into McLane Stadium in 2020.

“There are so many things that are fluid,” he said. “But I think the consensus is to try to keep things as close to normal as possible. And I feel that certainly by the end of this month — [or] By the middle of this month I think a lot of this stuff will be better solidified.”

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