Baylor Head Coach and New York Native, Matt Rhule, Remembers September 11th


Baylor Head Coach Matt Rhule Remembers September 11th

WACO, Texas — Baylor Head Football Coach and New York native, Matt Rhule was all the way across the country on September 11th, 2011 but his heart and mind were with family and Friends back in New York and Pennsylvania.

Rhule was an assistant coach at UCLA but growing up in New York, that Tuesday morning 18 years ago, Wednesday, was a very tough day for him.

“I was in Los Angeles, working for Coach Snow and I was driving to work,” Rhule recalled. “It was one of the most sad or lonely or times probably in Julie’s and my life. Our friends and family we’re all back in Pennsylvania and New York and us on the west coast.”

From the ashes of 9/11 he saw his city and the country come together.

“As as is true of New York spirit, as is true of spirit of United States I think what was a tragedy has also also brought a lot of people together,” he said. “So today’s a special day for me and a lot of people that I care about.”

Eighteen years later Rhule still thinks about that day and the people who sacrificed reminding himself what they sacrificed for.

“think on a day like today my thoughts always go to people who lost family members, people who lost friends,” he said. “Always to the first responders and those brave brave first responders, that lived in the city that I grew up in, where everyone was running away, they ran to. That to me is always a powerful powerful powerful reminder, so I spent my morning doing some reading — the person on the plane who called their wife, and the message he left his wife, and just a reminder that they gave those sacrifices so we could live our life in a grateful manner.”

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