Baylor’s Aranda Relishes the Lessons Football Teaches


WACO, TX — While the Bears steamrolled Texas Southern, there were other games that had very different outcomes than expected, like Texas losing to Arkansas 40-21. Dave Aranda said learning to deal with the outcome of games like that, do a lot for a player’s growth.

“I think you train for a competitive maturity,” Dave Aranda said. “So you are at your best, your best authentic self is is out there kind of for everyone to see, when it’s the most stressful and the most competitive environment. That’s what football is. I would see it that way. And so you train for that and then you get in the game. It’s another level of it. But to be at your best when you worked really hard to get something and you put in the time for it and it don’t happen. Right. And in the moment, handle it the right way. I think that’s our challenge.”

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