Baylor’s Dave Aranda is Making The Most of This Standstill


WACO, Texas — The Baylor Football staff is just like a lot of people these days, hunkered down holding meetings over the internet and hoping for some sign of when normalcy might return.

Dave Aranda is with his family in Baton Rouge as they finish up their school work, and while they can’t really go anywhere the Aranda’s are like many and finding the best way to make it work.

“My kids are in online courses,” he said. “So like right now they’re all in separate parts of the house and they’re all doing work. That’ll usually last for like early afternoon, they kind of get out of school and we try to go outside at that point, give them some, get out of the house and all the catch or basketball or.”

While his kids work on school, Aranda burns up the phone line to make sure his program is ready to roll once the ‘all clear’ is given.

“Usually I’m on The phone,” he said. “There’s some days where I think maybe not on the phone for maybe an hour of the day, is to accommodate your fast which I enjoy. I think we’re getting a lot done.”

When asked how this period could hamper his team Aranda spent much more time focusing on the positives and how it has helped him build a deeper connection with his coaches and his players.

“I think it’s been an opportunity for us to really kind of get to know each other better, and really make some strong connections for the for our staff and our players,” he said. For example, my talks with Larry [Fedora], Ron [Roberts] or Juice [Justin Johnson], have been pretty in depth and detailed. I think we get better, by doing it that way.”

This time also allows Aranda to get to know the players on his roster.

“I think with the players, I’m working through our roster calling about 15 or so guys a day,” He said. “Spending time with them getting to know their families, their daily routine, their goals and their vision for themselves in the future and how I can help in that.”

While no spring practices are a real possibility, Aranda feels confident that the eight peirods of ‘install’ they had this winter have given the team enough of a taste to where they can make the most of this down time.

“We had eight installs and we filmed those installs,” Aranda said of the winter workouts. “They have the ability to go back and watch those on their iPads at their leisure. We had individual drills that we introduced them to and took them through, so I think they’re very understanding of what is the base.”

While the on-field reps this spring could suffer Aranda does not appear to be too worried about missing those right now.

“Obviously what you lose in spring is you lose how to take the grass, how to deal with when failure comes, kind of fail forward fast and physicality part of it,” he said. “We will get to that eventually the advantages that we have now is the one on one connection with our players.”

The Big 12 is slated to meet this weekend to discuss their March 29th suspension date and how/if it needs to be modified or extended.

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