WACO, TX — Former Baylor basketball standout, Freddie Gillespie, was drafted on Monday as the second overall pick in the NBA’s G-League. Gillespie was selected by the Memphis Hustle, and he found out through his Baylor roots. Even though his time at Baylor is over, Gillespie knows he’ll always be a Bear.

“I look back at it so fondly, all the relationships I got to build,” Freddie Gillespie said. “A lot of them are life long relationships, and I think just to have that support, and encouragement especially in times like these, just means the world.”

Gillespie signed with the Dallas Mavericks before getting waived in December, but he did not let that discourage him.

“In this business there’s a lot of uncertainty a lot of ups and downs,” Freddie Gillespie said. “But for me, what I’ve found is that if I just try to get the most out of every situation I’m in, usually no matter what way it goes, another opportunity is gonna come, because I think people can appreciate hard work, effort and high character.”

The 6’9 Minnesota native see’s the Bears making a magical run in the NCAA tournament.

“I mean I love watching them play,” Freddie Gillespie said. “I just see how everyone has improved, I mean I think last year was one of the better years in Baylor history and they got even better, so part of me is a little jealous, if they go to the Final Four, you know I think they can win it all, I still want a ring because I didn’t get to go last year.”