Baylor’s Rhoades Expects The Unexpected in 2020


WACO — Baylor Athletic Director Mack Rhoades was been a busy man, as of late helping Baylor and the rest of the Big 12 chart a course to come back to campus.

“The whole idea of this return to campus has been somewhat overwhelming,” he said. “It is required a lot of time and a lot of people. I’m certainly worried about our student athletes, being infected but I’m equally worried about that our staff member at the beginning of this, I think I came up with a list of 10 things strategic initiatives that we can get done during this time frame and I think we’ve been able to address one or two that gives you the sense of the magnitude of what we’ve been dealing with and just all the detail that goes with it.”

Baylor has been “on boarding” (Bringing them back to campus) athletes throughout the week and after the initial round of tests, saw three positive COVID-19 tests among the 59 that were administered.

Rhoades knows they have a long way to go and this season is going to require a completely different way of thinking.

“That’s the message that we’ve been trying to, provide for our staff is this upcoming year is not going to be normal, so get that out of your mind,” Rhoades said. “The way things have happened in the past, will not be the way things happen this this upcoming year. It wouldn’t surprise me if we had to cancel a game, whether that’s football game of volleyball match soccer match, a basketball game. I think all of those things are on the table.”

Rhoades did say that he was cautiously optimistic about playing football this fall.

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