LAS VEGAS, NV (FOX 44)– The Summer League excitement ended on Sunday night but not without explosive performances from former Baylor and Texas A&M standouts.

Quenton Jackson delivered one of the most surprising performances of the night, scoring a team-high 18 points in 22 minutes off the bench to lead the Washington Wizards to a win over the Golden State Warriors.

“You know, don’t let up and then just come out here and be me,” Jackson said. “That’s what I kind of did this last game.”

The Phoenix Suns gave some minutes to a few former Baylor Bears as well. Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. and Ish Wainright combined for 19 points and 14 rebounds to lead the Suns to a win over the Indiana Pacers.

In the same game, Kendall Brown scored eight points in the loss, which included two thunderous dunks.

Finally, after taking Friday night’s game off, Jared Butler also showed out for the Utah Jazz, adding a team-high 15 points to go along with six assists in the final summer league game of the season.