Dave Aranda Getting a Better Feel For His Roster with Actual Spring Practice


WACO — The Baylor football team wrapped up their final open practice of the spring Saturday and will officially close down Dave Aranda’s first spring at Baylor next Saturday with the Green and Gold game.

Spring practice is a necessity, especially for a new staff, that Baylor and Aranda had to go without in 2020, but after these few weeks in 2021 Aranda likes what he has seen from his guys especially from a defense stocked with veterans.

“The scheme has been simplified,” Aranda said. “I think we know who we are. You look at last year and the zooms, and just, not really knowing who guys are and what’s the best way to teach and how do they learn. And when adversity strikes, this is kind of what comes of it. And so having an idea of how all that works. I think we’re able to better connect.”

That learning piece has been big for Aranda this spring getting a chance to see guys through certain situations that can’t be replicated off the field.

“When we’re coaching and doing all this and guys are sitting down to take notes and, and they’re doing what we’re asking them to do, that’s one thing,” Aranda said. “When we’re talking about staying together as a team and fighting through whatever adversity, we’re creating or whatever adversity is is right there in their face. That’s when you get to know kind of where they’re at, to connect on that side of it, and to be the model of this is what it looks like, and to talk to them in an, in an honest way to get them to grow and really attack and come alive in those situations where it’s a positive, it changes your team.”

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