Gerry Bohanon Earned The Starting Nod By Playing Well When The Heat Was On


WACO — Quarterback Gerry Bohanon will lead Baylor into the post-Brewer era after being named the starter last week.

Head Coach Dave Aranda met with the media for the first time since, on Monday, and said that through the competition Bohanon was able to separate himself in live game-type situations.

“We had a spring game and then we had our second scrimmage, and in both of those, Gary was able to to kind of be him,” Aranda said. “And under whatever stress or expectation comes with both of those events, he was able to kind of take it in stride and just do the stuff he does.”

Aranda also liked Bohanon’s overall body of work and how he carried himself throught the competition.

“Gary has a really strong work ethic,” Aranda said. “He has a great appetite for football and you could not feed him enough and he’s continuing to ask for more. I think as far as learning goes, a lot of times you get pieces of information here and there and you’re kind of collecting dots. And Gerry’s been able to connect the dots and take whatever information he has and then apply it and then teach others.”

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