Just How He Drew it Up: Baylor’s Drew Builds Consistent Big 12 Winner and now has Hardware to Prove it


WACO — The Baylor Bears were a mess when Scott Drew showed up in 2003, but 18 years later he has built them into a consistent winner that captured their first Big 12 Title on Tuesday night.

“I prayed about it felt led to come here,” Drew said. “I know all our coaches for all the years all the time that they spent away from their families pouring into this program, all the coaches that believed that we could get to a point where we’re a national program and you get 23 straight Big 12 wins and what 25 weeks ranked in the top five and that’s what they work toward.”

In those early years under Drew you had to really squint to see what he saw, from the outside. But Tuesday night’s win was made that much sweeter for those who stuck with the program for some lean years.

“Congrats to all them [coaches],” Drew said. “And this is for all the fans that came to games when we’re 35-40 point underdogs and having walked on starting, so everyone can celebrate and enjoy.”

Baylor played for 97 years before Drew took over in 2003. In that time, they played a total of 2 games as a ranked team. In his first year they were 8-21 and averaged 3 Big 12 wins a year for his first 4 years.

After that scholarship limits were lifted off the Baylor program and the Bears started taking off winning almost 70% of their games during that time. Building a consistent winner in an ever-changing Big 12 conference.

“First I’ve learned from my dad, a Hall of Fame coach and he always says you got to adapt what you do to your personnel,” Drew said. “Then, to be honest, our staff has done a great job putting our players in position to be successful and then obviously, if you don’t have a capable players. You’re not winning. I think I’ve grown a lot over 18 years as a coach because when you compete against the best night in and night out, there’s been so many Hall of Fame coaches in the big 12 you really learn a lot. And I’ve learned a lot from all over them.”

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