More Than Just a Haircut for Baylor’s Mullet Brothers


WACO, TX — Matthew Mayer and Jackson Moffatt became friends immediately freshman year, after recognizing each other from attending the same basketball camp in seventh grade. Over the last few weeks, their mullets have picked up a lot of traction on social media, and it stands for something bigger, than an old school haircut.

“It’s a constant reminder to us,” Matthew Mayer said. “That you can’t take yourself too seriously with a mullet, like there’s a lot of pressure but you’ve got to do the best you can. I think it helps with the vibe of the team, everybody has got their own stuff going on, everybody wants to go to the NBA, everybody wants to get their stats, we all want to win the national championship, but you know it just lightens the mood a little bit, it makes it easier to perform too.”

The national champions are a tight nit group, and it shows why friendship off the court, is crucial, to have a successful season.

“Everybody wants to win, but everybody wants to have a good time too,” Matthew Mayer said. “And we embodied both of those, because we’ve got great guys on our team and we win, it’s not like we were joking around and getting smacked, we take it everything seriously but we can still relax and not get caught up in all that, so I think it’s a very appealing environment.”

“This whole season we were moderately isolated form rest of campus cuz of COVID restrictions,” Jackson Moffatt said. “And especially in bubble in tournament, so it was really cool for me to have my best friend with me, and other roommates Jared and Mark too, we all run together a little bit.”

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