New Offensive Coordinator Grimes, Looks to Bring His ‘Reliable & Violent Offense’ to Baylor


WACO — Jeff Grimes met with the Waco media for the first time on Friday to give a sense of what he will be bringing to Baylor next year.

Grime said he uses the acronym R-V-O which stands for reliable violent offense.

“Those two words, reliable and violent, I think are the two things that are critical to an offense being able to succeed,” Grimes said. “Reliable meaning you’re consistently good you can be trusted and can do things the right way all the time. Then the way you have an opportunity to win the game is to go out there and play with violence simply with an edge. Whether that means running the football down hill or throwing the football down the field.”

Grimes was in charge of one of the most explosive offenses in the country this year at BYU and two of the main hallmarks of his offense appear to be simplicity and mis-direction.

“When you really start talking about what it looks like from a tactical standpoint,” He said. “We’re an attacking multiple formation offense that runs a few plays a lot of ways, with as much misdirection as anyone in the country.”

Grimes crossed paths with Baylor’s Head Coach Dave Aranda when the two were at LSU together from 2016-2017. Grimes remembers talking shop quite a bit with Aranda and praised Dave’s ability to search for answers.

“I was really really impressed with his openness to new ideas,” Grimes said. “His constant, questioning looking for a better way to do something. He’d called me in his office and I’d be walking down the hall and he’d say Grimey, I’ve got a question for you and he’d have a blitz drawn up on the board against a certain formation as we talked through it.”

Aranda praised Grimes’ ability as a teacher and a tireless worker with a great family.

“I just remember his demeanor on the practice field, was that of a teacher,” Aranda said. “I think, rather than get combustible with stuff, when it wasn’t working right, he would look to find what was not working right and fix it. I remember being there early in the morning and being there late at night, and getting real specific on what it is and what has to be done.”

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