Paul Jobson and Baylor Soccer Waiting For Their Call


WACO — As football dominates the college sports narrative these days teams like Baylor Soccer program is still dealing with a large degree of uncertainty, despite being one of the first teams to start.

“We usually are the first ones to kick off, so to speak,” Head Coach Paul Jobson said. “That may look different this year, I don’t know, but I know that the ones making the decisions will not put our players in harm’s way just to get out on the field.”

The NCAA voted to allow athletes to return to campus for off season training from June 1st – June 30th but the ruling, applied to just football and basketball. Jobson would like to see some legislation for those other fall sports but he’s glad to see the conversation picking up.

“I’m not one making those decisions,” he said. “I’m gonna just really be ready for whatever we’re told to do and we’re going to step on the field when we’re allowed to do that. But I think the fact that they’re talking about it, that they’re allowing sports on campus means we’re going in a positive direction.”

Right now Jobson is staying in close contact with his team making sure they will be ready when that call does come.

“We’re keeping up with the changes that are going on weekly to say, ‘Where are we? Where do we want to be? what do we need to do to get there so that we can stay up,” he said. “Like I keep saying over and over again when we’re allowed to be on the field, We’ll be really ready to go.”

When they do get the call though they will need to figure out how to practice a contact spot while staying socially distant.

“To be ready for Big 12 play, to be ready for division one athletics, we’ve got to have a little bit of time to run into each other and fall to the ground so we’re ready for that piece of it,”He said. “But I know that the ones making the decisions will not put our players in harm’s way just to get out on the field, but we’ll be ready to compete whenever we’re allowed to do that.”

Whatever practices look like, Jobson knows his team will just be ready to get back together in whatever capacity they can.

“Right now [they’re] in the mindset of being so excited to get back that I think there will be some momentum that will really play well into the competitive season that we’re going to run into,” he said. “If you know anything about our program, it’s more about fighting with the sister next to you than it’s fighting just the opponent across the line from you.”

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