Pitre’s Loyalty Paying Off As New Staff Comes In


WACO — Baylor’s Jalen Pitre was one of five players awarded a single-digit number by their teammates on Tuesday.

Pitre, once the only player committed to Baylor in December of 2016 he has now flourished into a leader and the face of the Baylor defense.

“For Jalen to be out in front of our team and our defense I think speaks to the values that our defense holds,” Aranda said. “So to get him out in front more and to put him in a position to be successful, I think as coaches, Jalen makes it easy on us.”

After being thrust into action in 2017 Pitre’s playing time diminished in 2018 and 2019 but he enters 2020 playing a unique position in Dave Aranda’s defense. He is playing the ‘star’ position which is basically a hybrid between a linebacker and a safety.

“The Star position I feel like it’s a hybrid position,” he said. “You have a lot to do, but at the end it all boils down to just doing your assignment.”

Jalen has been doing his assignments at a high level from the Star position giving Dave Aranda the utmost confidence in one of the most important positions on the defense.

“Immediately when I think about the secondary, I think of Jalen Pitre and (Jairon) McVea,” Aranda said. “I think of that star position. Jairon has really been able to cover well in the slot. He’s covering the slot receiver, kind of their go-to guy. Then you’ve got Pitre who can bring in a blitzing aspect that can set edges against the run, that can cover as well. So I think that combination of Star athlete enables us to really be dynamic.”

Pitre and the Bears will put theat defense on display when they open the season on FOX 44, hosting Louisiana Tech at 11:00am on September 12th.

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