Rhule Doesn’t Care What Offense Looks Like he’s just Glad It Works


Matt Rhule Doesn't have Ideal Offensive Scheme

WACO, Texas — The Baylor offense has scored 45 and 56 points in each of their last two games.

When asked if this is the offense Matt Rhule envisioned for Baylor, he said he doesn’t really care what it looks like, it just needs to score more points each game.

“I want two things from our offense,” Rhule said. “I want us to be an offense that doesn’t beat ourselves, I want us to be an offense that utilizes our good players. I don’t want our good players not touching the football because of scheme. It’s always going to be about the players for us. And then I want to have the ability to, when we have the lead, to run the football.”

Rhule wants to see his offense play the game that is on the field.

“I don’t want to play five-hour games when we have the lead,” Rhule said. “If we don’t have the lead, then I want to play for five hours, I want to keep it going. I really believe in real football, in good football when you’re facing good teams, you never know how you’re going to have to win that game.”

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