With The Bigger Picture in Mind, Baylor Elected to not Force The Issue with Houston


WACO — Baylor fell below the Big 12’s Cancellation thresholds last week causing the postponement of their second try at a season opener against the Cougars.

The Big 12 rule officially reads: “…Minimum thresholds of available players were also established for offensive linemen (7), interior defensive linemen (4) and quarterback (1). Teams falling below any of these benchmarks, based on game week test results, could still elect to play as scheduled if so desired.

So according to the Big 12’s rule Baylor could have played on Saturday with the players they had available, but Dave Aranda did not feel like it was reasonable to expect that from his reduced position group.

“You just didn’t see the ability — where the numbers were — to try to play,” Aranda said. “If you were talking maybe a first quarter, possibly. But, in terms of the whole entire four-quarter game and all of it, you just didn’t see it.”

Aranda talked it over with his team leaders and they were in lock-step with their head coach and felt it best to not force the issue.

“I’m really impressed with just their maturity and their ability to see big picture,” Aranda said. “A lot of times, especially when you’re that close to something, it’s hard to see not only what’s right in front of your face but what’s all around you. And I thought we were able to do that.”

So Baylor will begin Dave Aranda’s inaugural season with no game reps before hosting a Big 12 opponent. But once again Aranda was impressed by the maturity of his team.

“I’m continually impressed with this team,” Aranda said. “I want to be with them on Saturday on the sidelines to see their resiliency. I go back to Friday night, texting back and forth, calling guys on the phone. There are guys lifting me up at times, and I’m calling to lift their spirits. It’s impressive to see.”

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