Baylor’s Freddie Gillespie Nominee for 2020 Big 12 Athlete of the Year

January 01 2022 12:00 am

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HEYDAY PR & MKTG Press Release By: Keli Casel

During times of uncertainty, many athletes question the continuation of their careers. As we know, COVID-19 terminated the sport’s movement on all platforms. While our country faces a crisis, some of us are unsure about what the future holds. There’s one player optimistic about becoming Big 12 Athlete of the Year, Freddie Gillespie.

We’ve heard about Gillespie leaving a division three school to walk onto a power five division one school (Baylor University). After outstanding performances, he proved he’s a standout student and player. As a result, Baylor offered Gillespie a full-ride scholarship. On several occasions, while staring in the face of adversity, Baylor’s Freddie Gillespie surpassed his goals consistently through discipline, hard work, and unshakeable faith.

As a current NBA Draft prospect, Gillespie proves he’s committed to working towards his dreams and growth mentality is effective. Gillespie was the first player named Big 12 Men’s Basketball Scholar-Athlete of the Year and Most Improved Player in Baylor’s history. During his time at Baylor, Gillespie made significant plays and reached new heights with his team. This season, Baylor’s Men Basketball team won a 23 -game streak; ranking number one in the country. Leaving his mark, Gillespie’s leadership skills and game were significant factors that ensured Baylor maintained its rank. Due to COVID -19, Baylor was unable to compete in the NCAA 2020 tournaments.

After deep contemplation, Gillespie recently signed with Young Money APAA Sports. He patiently waits to secure a position on an NBA roster. Moreover, Gillespie expects a long and productive career as an NBA player. While waiting for NBA DRAFT 2020 decisions, he focuses on perfecting his craft. on perfecting his craft. Currently working out on campus daily and heads to Miami on Monday. While staying home, Gillespie interviews with NBA teams via Zoom, seeking another opportunity to advance his basketball career.

Throughout his basketball career, he’s worn odd jersey numbers, fifty-five, forty-five, and finally thirty-three. Gillespie originally selected jersey number fifty-five, because it was the highest jersey number an athlete could wear on the basketball team at Carleton. Gillespie selected jersey number fifty-five to make a statement “the sky is the limit.”

Starting anew at Baylor, Gillespie selected his new jersey number thirty-three. After researching, Gillespie realized Scottie Pippen was a former walk-on without division one offers and became a six-time NBA champion. Pippen’s story resonated with him and Gillespie believes it’s an honor to wear number thirty-three. Gillespie’s attitude has always been I can do that too. Gillespie’s drive to compete at the highest level provoked him to take a step of faith. As a result, he accepted an offer from Baylor University as a walk on. He works relentlessly to prove by faith dreams can become a reality. Gillespie is a representation of past and future underdogs while motivating other athletes to take risks and never settle.

Gillespie grew up with both of his parents, watching them remain married for twenty-six years plays a major role in his work ethic, commitment, and ability to foster long-term relationships. As an underdog, he’s proved he can achieve the unthinkable. Academically, Gillespie maintained a high-grade point average and graduated Summa Cum Laude. Gillespie is the definition of the highest distinction in sports and education. His peers would agree that he’s focused, dedicated, a leader, and champion. 

Gillespie’s story is one of hope, perseverance, unparalleled work ethic, and faith. His story motivates other aspiring athletes to believe against all odds anything is possible. As a political science graduate, Gillespie is more than an athlete; he will leave a legacy in the sports industry and society. Stay tuned to see what’s next for Freddie Gillespie, an upcoming player on the NBA court.

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