WACO, TX – Baylor senior forward, Freddie Gillespie, has conquered every obstacle in his path. From overcoming significant injuries in high school, to playing a key role for a Division I Power Five team, after starting his career in Division III. While no one could prepare for COVID-19, Gillespie’s past experiences are helping him stay positive during this time.

“You know back in Division III, we didn’t have nearly the resources we do at Baylor,” Freddie Gillespie said. “So I’m used to being able to be resourceful, and still stay in shape and get better without having a lot, but also just the mental aspect, this isn’t the most difficult obstacle I’ve had to overcome.”

While the Bears are not physically together, Gillespie’s tenacious mindset can still rub off on his teammates.

“The advice that I’d give them is you’re not alone in this,” Freddie Gillespie said. “Like there’s no one on the planet who’s not affected by what’s going on right now, across all industries, there’s actors trying to get their big break they can’t get auditions, high school kids AAU’s seasons can’t do it, single mothers who are struggling to feed their kids because they can’t go to work anymore.”