Baylor’s Jobson Hopes Women’s Soccer Capitalizes on USWNT Success


WACO, Texas — Baylor Head Soccer Coach Paul Jobson feels like Women’s soccer is in a good place on the heels of the Team USA’s 4th Women’s World Cup Title.

Jobson has been involved in women’s soccer dating back to the early 2000’s when he worked with the first incarnation of a women’s professional league. He has seen many ebbs-and-flows in the games popularity that coincides with the Women’s World Cup. This time around however he hopes to see less of an ebb in the sport’s popularity.

“I think that we’ve just got to continue to keep the idea out there that Women’s Soccer is a great sport to watch,” he said. “I think women’s soccer has been a pioneer for the for women’s sport in general. And I think we’ve got to keep that going just to keep the sport growing in this country, for the young girls that are wanting to play”

The pay gap between the Men’s & Women’s US Soccer teams has been a big point of discussion throughout this World Cup. Jobson knows there are different factors that play a role in that gap, but the ladies should be paid what they’re worth.

“I do think there’s some factors involved professionally within the men’s game with the salaries that are being paid at the highest level to attract men from their million dollar pro contracts to play with their national teams,” he said. “You don’t have that on women’s side yet, but I think that’s going to continue to grow. Those are things that are going to continue to push the envelope of what we’re going to need to pay the women to compete, and then you gotta pay him what they’re worth.”

Jobson points to continued support as a way to continue that conversation and shrink that gap.

“I think with the success the program’s had — we got to continue to keep our eyes on them,” he said. “We got to continue to talk about how important they are to our culture and to our families. And then that’ll bring the sponsorship that brings the money which then you’re looking at more equal pay.”

Jobson said another way to support the women’s game is support local college teams and even the regional professional teams in the state.

“I think we’ve got to get behind it,” Jobson said of Women’s soccer at every level. “Dollars drive everything interests will drive viewership, and that’s where the dollars come from. So I think that’s what we’ve got to do a better job of even in our own community where you can come watch our team — selfishly. The best women’s soccer you’re going to find in the region is right here in Waco, Texas.”

Baylor Soccer will host their first Scrimmage of the 2019 season at Betty Lous Mays Field Sunday August 11th at 5:00pm.

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