‘I’d like to Keep Those Guys Together’ SWC Hall of Famer, Tracy Saul, Reacts to Shake Up in the Big 12

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WACO — Former Texas Tech All American and Southwest Conference Hall of Famer Tracy Saul had a front row seat for the begging of the end of the Southwest Conference in the early 90’s.

“It really was strange,” he said. “It wasn’t fun because they were just so many close ties to everything, even in Arkansas. All the guys that they recruited that maybe didn’t go there. You still had conversations after the game. It was definitely a strange feeling.”

Saul’s alma mater and seven others in the Big 12 are now on the precipice of another landscape-shifting shuffle among teams in the Lone Star State.

“I’d love to see them be able to go to the PAC 12,” Saul said of the remaining Big 12 Schools in Texas. “I’d love to see all those guys — Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma State. You read different things and some are involved and some aren’t. But I’d like to keep those guys together.”

If they don’t, Saul fears the rivalries within the state will start disappearing.

“College athletics is built on rivalries,” he said. “And we’re getting away from that, it looks like to me. I really hate to see the rivalries disappear, and I think that’s what we’re going to start seeing.”

Whatever is going to happen Saul wants top see the Band Aid ripped off rather than dragging things out.

“The awkwardness is going to be large this fall,” Saul said. “And there’s gonna be a lot of hurt feelings this fall. Let’s not drag it out. Let’s get it done and move on.”

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