Bruce Feldman Weighs in on Baylor in 2018 and Beyond


Fox College Football Analyst Bruce Feldman feels like the Bears will be better in 2018, but he said don’t make those Bowl plans just yet.

“I think they’ll be in a lot of games. the question is can they go from one win to four wins. and while that might not seem like a lot, I think that’s the kind of step where I think they’ll be able to sell that to recruits.”

A Big reason for Feldman’s optimism moving forward is the dynamic skill players that will be in the fold for the next few years, and a toughness that will make Baylor a tough draw for anyone with matt Rhule calling the shots.

“I think as long as he’s is Waco, They will be a real problem for people, because they’re going to be physical,” Feldman said. “That was not always the hallmark of Big 12 teams. They have really explosive offenses, but you’re going to see a real tough, physical mindset that is just going to keep growing, because it’s not something you can really flip. I think it’s more substance than style, and that’s something that can be built for the long haul.”

Feldman ultimately sees Baylor making a push for a bowl game in 2019.

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