Charlie Brewer’s Role With OC Larry Fedora


WACO, TX – Charlie Brewer is coming off an impressive season, throwing for over 3,100 yards for 21 touchdowns, in addition to 11 rushing touchdowns on 147 carries. Brewer is not afraid to show what he can do with his legs, but he also took several nasty hits last year, in the Big 12 Championship and Sugar Bowl, where he was not allowed to come back in and finish the game. However, as for the 2020 season, Brewer thinks it will be much different for two big reasons.

“Definitely could probably slide here or there a little bit more,” Charlie Brewer said. “But also, I’m not gonna be asked to do kind of the same stuff I was asked to do last year, so I think the system is kind of gonna protect me a little bit in that way, but also I could obviously be smarter at times, go out of bounds or slide and not take the hit.”

“Part of all of that is how the offense is designed,” Larry Fedora said. “Everybody wants the ball out quick you know, so it’s more about what kind of routes are designed, what are the concepts you’re running and how difficult is that in the processing part.”

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