Connally’s Anderson Faces Former Coach in La Vega’s Hyde


WACO, TX – There’s a massive Central Texas matchup on Friday for FOX 44’s game of the week, with La Vega hosting Connally. There’s quite a bit of history between both head coaches, as Don Hyde coached Shane Anderson in high school. Hyde was the linebackers coach at Connally, and Anderson played linebacker for the Cadets.

“When I first started coaching, before I was even on staff really, I lived in his Grandmother’s house,” Don Hyde said. “I rented his Grandmother’s house over there and ate dinner with his Uncle and his Aunt, and he was over there all the time, so I mean we were an extended family, like you always are in a coaching staff.”

“He’s always been a role model he’s always been a mentor,” Shane Anderson said. “I’ve tried to mirror the way I deal with kids, the way I care about kids, and coach kids after him, because he’s one of the best.”

With the nature of Hyde and Anderson’s relationship, both teams will improve immensely from playing each other.

“Before the game it’ll be all fun and giggles and laughs,” Don Hyde said. “When the ball is kicked off, we’ll be enemies for about 48 minutes, then when the games over it’ll all be fun and giggles again. I mean it’s fun to coach against one of your former players, and be on the field with them at the same time, and you know, experience some of the success they’ve had too.”

“He’ll try to learn from me, I’ll try to learn from him,” Shane Anderson said. “And we’ll talk about things we saw going into the game, things that maybe would hurt us down the road and we’ll give each other pointers, and we’ll help each other with film and you know, we’re really, really tight and we talk even on a normal year when we don’t play each other. “

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

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