Cunningham Brings Strong Senior Presence to Baylor Clubhouse


Baylor outfielder Richard Cunningham has been at Baylor longer than his head coach, Steve Rodriguez.

“I tell you what, he’s going for his 3rd Doctorate,” Rodriguez said. “What’s funny is I know there are going to be some teams we play where they say, ‘that guy is still here.'”

With his experience Cunningham brings a wealth of knowledge that he passes along to his Baylor teammates at every opportunity.

“He’s just a great person a great leader a great mentor for some of these young kids in regards to how they do things,” Rodriguez said. “I can’t speak enough about the young man. His parents have done a phenomenal job. If my son turns out to be anything like him, I’ve done a good job.”

Despite battling through elbow injuries that forced him to have Tommy John surgery this offseason, Cunningham led the team in batting average last year, hitting 342 in 55 games. With surgery in the offseason he is looking forward to giving it one last shot with a very talented group of teammates around him.

“The Lord has brought me back to Baylor for these five years for a very specific reason,” he said. “I’m grateful to be a part of it and one of the great parts about that is how good this team is going to be.”

Cunningham and the Bears will open their season a week from Friday; February 15th at Baylor Ballpark, against Holy Cross.

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