Football Tournament Scheduled in College Station This Summer


WACO, TX – This summer, there will be a 7-on-7 football tournament, put on by the Championship 7v7 organization, which is not affiliated with the Texas State 7-on-7 Tournament, held in College Station every year. With the threat of COVID-19 still out there, the replacement 7-on-7 event has raised some questions among coaches and officials.

“If we just jump into doing things like this,” Kevin Hoffman said. “In my opinion, we could be set back months, if all of a sudden if several kids end up getting sick.”

“You know when a kid touches a football what are we gonna do,” Don Hyde said. “Are we gonna be required to disinfect that football, before we put it back in or are we gonna be required to get that close to one another, to cover somebody.”

“We just as an organization felt like there’s no reason for us to try and get kids and coaches geared to that,” Brandon Houston said. “When we need to get our kids back into a routine of good safe workouts.”

Championship 7v7 is addressing the concern about COVID-19, and will release strict guidelines a week before the tournament.

“Our whole goal and vision is to definitely follow what the government protocols are,” Johnathan Mumphrey said. “As well as what the venue is, as you can see Texas A&M just got released, they’re back, football is coming back.”

Every team is guaranteed five games, which could help or hurt players, depending on what kind of shape they’re in.

“My son, who will be a sophomore in high school here in the state of Texas,” Johnathan Mumphrey said. “Kids are out getting ready now, they’re training, I know June 8th they’re supposed to go back.”

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