LACY LAKEVIEW, TX (FOX 44) — When it comes to the Connally Football program, talent is certainly not an issue, as the Cadets have multiple D1 talents on the roster.

They’ve also had plenty of success when it comes to making the playoffs, with four straight appearances coming into 2022.

The big goal will be to get back to finishing over .500 though, after two straight seasons where they made the postseason, but finished with a losing record.

For head coach Terry Gerik though, winning is obviously a goal, but he wants to focus on having a team that puts in plenty of effort as well.

“They’re going to be fast. They’re going to be flying around the field and they’re going to be as physical as possible. They’re going to they’re going to go play extremely hard,” he said. “When people come watch us, that’s one of the things we want them to know, that the Cadets are going to play hard, win or lose. They’re going to give it all they have”

For this Connally team, the path to what the Cadets hope is another playoff appearance begins on Friday, August 26th against Mexia.