HARKER HEIGHTS, TX (FOX 44) — It’s been a constant progression wins wise for the Harker Heights Football team the past three years.

The Knights went from four wins in 2019, to seven wins in 2020, before putting together a 9-1 regular season last year.

Now, they’re ready to take the next step, which would be to win a playoff game.

“We want to build on that and expand on it. You know, we just don’t want to settle. We want to try to keep improving each and every year just like we would during the season,” head coach Jerry Edwards said.

“The expectations are high this year. So we put in we put it in work every day. And I feel like we’ll go deep this year,” said senior defensive lineman Lamarian Hatcher.

The Knights will open up their season on Thursday, August 25th against Ellison.