HEWITT, TX (FOX 44) — 2021 was certainly not the debut season that Shane Anderson wanted at Midway, as the Panthers went just 1-9.

The positive thing is that that is in the past now, and for Anderson’s team, there’s plenty left to accomplish with this season now just a few days away.

Another is the fact that those nine starting sophomore from last season now return, with that playing time experience under their belts, as they look to make an impact as upperclassmen.

“they they played in the toughest district in the state of Texas last year as sophomores and juniors,” Anderson said. “The speed of the game, the Friday night experience, you know, you can’t coach that. And so they’re going to have that under their belt. Now, it’s about going out and executing at a high level.”

Midway will open its season on Friday, August 26th against Mansfield.