MOODY, TX (FOX 44) — It always helps a first year head coach, to have the support of the players on your new team. To this point in the preseason, it’s been so far, so good for new Moody Head Football Coach Matthew Hurst.

“The kids have had a really good attitude and have bought into what we’re doing,” Hurst said.

The next step for the Bearcats, is to turn those positive attitudes into positive results, after a season in which they went just 2-8. According to the players, those signs of success are there.

“Last year we proved a bunch as a whole team and a community. So hopefully we get the whole thing over and over again and keep on succeeding and going forward,” said senior quarterback Ryder Hohhertz. “We’re going to be loud and go give it our best and all of that and hopefully come home with some wins.”

For Moody, the best case would to get that first of those wins right off the bat, when the Bearcats go to Axtell for their season opener on Friday, August 26th.