TEAGUE, TX (FOX 44) — When new Teague Head Football Coach Zachary Linscomb took over this year, he brought with him four core values:

  • Relentless Effort
  • True Toughness
  • Committed Preparation
  • Power of the Family

These values will not only be useful for the Lions down the road, but also in the preseason as they figure out what goals are the most important to meet before their first game.

“If you have a mantra and you have core values and you don’t have too many of them, it makes it real easy to stay on task,” Linscomb said. “If it doesn’t fit within those core values, then it’s probably not a priority for us.”

With those goals in mind, the Lions will look for a second straight playoff appearance, although the hope is to do so with a winning record, after making the postseason as a 4-6 team last season.

Teague will start its 2022 regular season on Friday, August 26th at Rockdale.