Fredenburg Not Thrilled With HSU Rematch In Playoff Opener


The UMHB Crusaders are in a familiar place, opening the NCAA playoffs at home, against an all-to-familiar opponent, Hardin Simmons.

This will be the fifth time the teams will play each other for a second time, in the playoffs. Coach Pete Fredenburg is less than thrilled to see a familiar-foe so quickly in the playoffs.

“It disappoints me for a lot of reasons,” Fredenburg said. “Number one I just wish — There’s not any athletes that give more for less than our division three athletes, and for them to decide to do something like that because of money, it makes me mad. Hardin Simmons, obviously playing us puts a big burden on us, because you’ve got to beat somebody twice, but i just think it’s unfair for the kids.”

The Cowboys came to Belton earlier this year and were shut out by the Cru, so Fredenburg knows they will be bringing extra motivation with them, this time.

“I think the position that we’re in is the worse position because I’m sure Hardin Simmons is excited for another shot,” he said. “It’s sad that the NCAA takes that kind of attitude, and I’m critical of them for that because, I just think you get an opportunity to go and see an play somebody else, and you’ve worked hard to get to that position, and all the sudden you’re right back because, of having to pay extra.” 

This will be the seventh time UMHB has had a rematch against a regular season opponent in the playoffs.

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