China Spring Makes Presence Known in Statement Win Over No. 4 Jasper

Friday Night Fever

WACO, TX — The China Spring Cougars are making their presence known in their new classification after dominating the fourth ranked Jasper Bulldogs 45-19.

Quarterback Major Bowden and running back Emmanuel Abdallah led the pack, combining for 400 rushing yards for six touchdowns.

“They compliment each other,” Brian Bell said. “One of them is not good by themselves. They do a good job kind of balancing each other. So we do a lot of things where we can read somebody.”

“We’ve got good chemistry,” Emmanuel Abdallah said. “We just know how to feel off each other. Maybe I have a bad play, he picks me up, and when we do well we compliment each other. We know how to make sure we’re both in check and not getting ahead of ourselves.”

“We have a good line, good outside blockers,” Major Bowden said. “They can’t guard both of us. They have to respect both of us at the same time, account for both of us each play, so it’s difficult on them.”

China Spring closed out the regular season at Cougar Stadium, losing to Connally in overtime – so they played #4 Jasper in the first round of the playoffs and continued to make a name for themselves.

“Right after the loss, it was heartbreaking,” Emmanuel Abdallah said. “Because you know you want to win, but that didn’t really kill our team morale or team spirit – because after that week it was on to the next, and we rallied together and we were hungry.”

“It lit a fire under us,” Major Bowden said. “I think it helped us bond together in a long struggle like that. We knew we had to rally back and take on number four Jasper.”

“I learned a lot about myself at that time,” Brian Bell said. “I know Major and Emmanuel learned a lot about themselves. They don’t like to lose. And we learned a lot about our position and what we do well and what we don’t do well in big games.”

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