During Difficult Stretch Aranda Remains Committed to ‘Person over Player’

Friday Night Fever

WACO — Dave Aranda has had a strange year in his first go-around as the head coach of The Baylor Bears filled with starts-and-stops and now two-straight regular season losses for the first time since October of 2018.

While he was meeting with the players virtually for most of the summer Aranda used a phrase ‘people over players’ meaning he wanted to get to know his guys on a deeper level than just what they do on the field.

After reports circulated that Aranda’s two top running backs in Trestan Ebner and John Lovett were considering opting out, Aranda met with his guys to hash things out.

“I think we just kind of had to sit down with them and just visit,” Aranda said of Lovett and Ebner. “I think they both love our team, they love their teammates and we’re excited about our next opportunity here with TCU.”

With that in mind Aranda was asked on Monday if he’s been able to learn anything about his team during this stretch where the Bears have not won a football game in a month, and he said it’s all about caring for the guys next to you, and picking each other up.

“I feel anytime there is adversity, for me personally, when you’re feeling down or you’re feeling the weight of this or the stress of that, to reach out and look to help others and check in on people and see how they’re doing,” Aranda said. “You never know what people are going through. We talk about that no man is an island, which you give to others will come back to its own. So, we spend a lot of time on that and talk about it as a team. I’ve always believed it. It’s highlighted in today’s times.”

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