Eagle Christian Makes More History With Their First Playoff Game This Weekend

Friday Night Fever

WACO — Bryce Frazier has his Eagle Christian Academy Eagles making history in their second year of existence and they are on the cusp of more preparing for their first playoff game in School History.

“It’s awesome,” Frazier said. “I mean just getting to see these kids experience the playoff atmosphere, practicing in November, potentially practicing on Thanksgiving week, stuff like that it’s just fun. Being able to experience that with them and have the opportunity to coach them through this and I have a lot of guys that have never played before and the growing process is fun.”

One of those players who was unfamiliar with the game when he moved to the United State is senior David Swamsidi, who has really turned into a key piece for this team.

“We started last year and I was new to the team and I didn’t know what to do,” he said. This year. I pretty much know exactly what I’m doing and our goal for the team so it’s been an incredible journey.”

ECA is no stranger to postseason success in Olympic sports, in fact their team captain Matthew Mathis, had never played football before this year but won a state title in cross country earlier this year.

“His level of being a leader, because he won state and cross country has helped our football team tremendously,” Frazier said. “This will be a first for ECA a lot of ways so we’re excited about it and excited to let these guys just get to the next level. Thee running events have been successful but the team sports is what we’re trying to get on board.”

Mathis’ running background has him prepared for the up-tempo pace of 6-man football.

“It’s helped a lot,” He said. “It’s give me confidence and on the conditioning side of it’s gotten me ready for like the six man track meet that we play every Friday night, it’s crazy. So I’m definitely going into Friday night with a little more confidence than I usually would.”

While these players are making their first playoff appearance for ECA Frazier has plenty of experience in the postseason during his time at Parkview, and his advice to the players? Cut it loose.

“I just told them to have fun,” he said. “Don’t let the moment get too big for you. Don’t let the game be too much, just have fun, go out there have a great time.”

The Eagles will play Harvest Christian Academy on Friday night at 7:00pm in Watauga.

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