Local Coaches Express Concerns to McLennan County Officials

Friday Night Fever

WACO — Several McLennan County High School Coaches and Administrators met with a McLennan County Official on Wednesday morning, on the heels of the County’s announcement that in-person activities would be postponed until after September 7th.

One of the coaches in attendance was Riesel’s Keith Stifflemire who said he wanted to make sure the coaches perspective on the postponement were heard.

“As coaches we got together and said, Is this really the safest way, just to at least have some questions asked,” Stifflemire said. “Whatever the experts come up with we definitely got to follow that because our number one goal is to keep kids safe.”

With the safety of his kids a top priority, Lorena Head Football Coach Ray Biles was left scratching his head after a relatively successful summer session.

“We set the standard, and the kids follow the standard that’s just the way it is,” he said. “Our coaches understand that, and we went over everything — all the guidelines that were passed out to us from the state, I know it can be done because I’ve seen it done. Not only on our campus, but all the way around McLennan County.”

Stifflemire and Biles feel like the rules and regulations in place give students a better chance to stay safe at school than out on their own.

“Our goal has always been to send the kids home tired,” Stifflemire said. “If you send them home tired, they’re going to be less likely to go get into any kind of other extracurricular that might put themselves in a situation where they could catch the virus.”

Biles said when the coaches are able to be with the kids and hold them accountable they are less likely to run into issues away from the field house.

“I know the way we handle it,” Biles said. “I know how it’s done and it’s done safely. To our kids it matters to them. Athletics matters to them and they’re gonna go out and get their workouts in. How they do that, I don’t know because I’m not there supervising. “The other thing is probably 75-80% of our discipline issues with student athletes happen away from school.”

Biles said it’s a fluid situation and they are on their toes should things change.

“It may change tomorrow, it may change the day after, but you know good Lord is in control and we’ll all be ok.”

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