Ready to Roll: McLennan County Coaches Looking Forward to Football

Friday Night Fever

WACO — After a week of twists and turns McLennan County coaches are filling out their schedules and making plans for practice starting next Monday.

preparing to play football is a welcome change for the Coaches in the county who have spent the last week pleading their case to local health officials to let their kids play.

“No one had ill intentions no one was trying to hurt anybody,” China Spring Head Coach Brian Bell said. “We just felt like this was what was best for the majority of people and we felt really strongly about that.”

The call came from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to let school officials make the call on when to open schools and extra-curricular activities. Lorena Head Football Coach, Ray Biles said he is happy that his kids have a safe place to work out.

“I understand both sides,” Biles said. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a hammer head. I got it, and I understand both sides but also understand we have an awful lot of kids that school is a huge deal. They need to be in school.“

Bell said he is still holding his breath a little bit given the back-and-forth nature of this past week, but he was happy to be preparing for football once again.

“Now usually in the past few months we get some good news and then some bad news comes right after so I’m still kind of walking on eggshells right now waiting for some bad news,” he said with a laugh. “No, it was really good to wake up get to work coaches are excited kids are excited, and they deserve to be.”

Coaches like Bell and Biles teamed up with the 20+ coaches in McLennan County they are normally scheming against, to do what’s best for the kids in Central Texas.

“It wasn’t about any particular school,” Biles said. “We were out there fighting for all the kids in McLennan County. There were over 2200, that were going to be affected by this decision.”

Bell echoed those sentiments saying that playing games were not what these coaches were fighting for.

“We had a meeting the other the other day and I think somebody kept track of the words and I think they said ‘football’ or something like that two or three times,” Bell said. “And they said the word ‘kids’ in the discussion, 150 times.”

With what appears to be smooth sailing in front of them both Bell and Biles are looking forward to getting out in that hot August heat with their players.

“The one’s I’ve interacted with are excited to see us,” Biles said. “That’s an unusual thing. Usually they’re dreading, ‘oh it’s August. Here we go again’ but they kind of have a pep in their step.”

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