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ROBINSON, Texas – Robert Rubel has an impressive coaching resume that includes multiple stops in the college ranks, and he is looking forward to using that knowldge and experience to take Robinson to another level.

Rubel had other offers including one from a DFW area school, but he and his wife decided Robinson was where they wanted to stay.

“This is such a great place,” he said. “We have such great kids. We have such a great coaching staff. And the last two years I’ve been here have been some of the most enjoyable times outside of football. I mean, in the classroom working with these administrators, hanging out in Robertson hanging out in Waco, we have just really enjoyed it, and then to add football to that with the staff members and these kids. It’s been fabulous.”

The last two years Rubel has been able to get a feel for the school, town and the players. Once he knew the job was available he began piecing together some plans for the program.

“I just started thinking about this kid can do this, he’s good at this, maybe he’s not quite as good at this,” Rubel said. “Then I would go to the next kid and then I would go to the next kid. And then I would go to a coach and try to start kind of piecing the puzzle together.”

He wants to build on what’s been done adding his own twist to things, and even without being around the kids this spring, they will understand what Rubel expects of them.

“We are going to do a couple things differently,” he said. “But on offense we’re going to try to keep the same terminology and do everything, based on what we were already doing and then obviously defensively, we’re going to keep everything intact.”

One of the biggest changes will not be between the lines, but rather between the ears.

“We need to toughen up a little bit,” he said. “There were a couple times last year defensively that we were, we didn’t overcome adversity very well. All offensively. The only thing I’ve asked coach caraway Hey, please secure the football.”

The toughness begins now when the players are left to train themselves with the school facilities shut down due to COVID-19.

“The biggest message I’ve been getting out to those guys and we’ll keep stressing is make sure when we come back that you’re in shape,” he said. “I don’t need you to bench press 1000 pounds I don’t need you to squat 1000 pounds but but man, when we start running I need you to be able to run.”

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