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Friday Night Preview: Shoemaker Grey Wolves


WACO, TX – The Shoemaker Grey Wolves snapped a 27-game losing streak last year, finishing with a 2-8 record. After the heavy burden of the streak was lifted, the program is hopeful they are pointed in the right direction.

“I think some of them thought, we may never win a game,” Toby Forman said. “I was starting to wonder myself, because we lost so many close games, but finally we broke through.”

The Grey Wolves started meshing towards the end of the 2018 season, giving the program high hopes for the future.

“Two of our last four games we won,” Toby Forman said. “And we had an opportunity in one of those other games, we lost by 6, so down the stretch we played well, we started scoring some points late, and those are some things that haven’t happened since we’ve been here.

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