Local High Schools Ironing Out a Plan for Possible Broadcasts This Fall


WACO, TX – The UIL will allow schools to broadcast their high school football games on Friday nights, but for some schools it’s easier said than done. Smaller 3A schools like Clifton would have to buy new camera equipment, and bring in more students to shoot games.

“We have students that shoot our game film,” Chuck Caniford said. “But when you’re talking about live streaming an event, and that’s the thing that gets lost in a little bit of this, is it’s very different from the film we would shoot for our games, shooting it for television versus shooting it to break down on Saturday, the angles, etcetera are totally different.”

Large 6A schools like Midway, who already have a student production team in place, are starting out one step ahead.

“We streamed graduation live,” Brad Shelton said. “We had a company that streamed it, but we used our cameras, our production crew, we’ve got a very talented group, a production team and students that are operating our cameras, so this might be something that we’re able to facilitate in house.”

4A schools like Waco Connally, who have a broadcast journalism class, have the potential to build a strong production team.

“My superintendent Mr. Holt, he’s all about getting students involved in that type of stuff,” Shane Anderson said. “And so I look for them to be willing to spend some money, and do some things on that end of it, to make this a good deal for everybody.”

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