WACO, TX – This upcoming football season, the Mart Panthers look to win their fourth straight state title. Currently, with no football due to COVID-19, head coach Kevin Hoffman has turned up the fire on a new hobby, in becoming a pitmaster.

“You cut into it or take a bite of it, and you hit that sweet spot of whatever it is you’re cooking,” Kevin Hoffman said. “It’s just like a victory to me of a football game. No different than putting a rack of ribs or brisket or steak or whatever it may be on the pit, the first thing you gotta do is prep it.”

From start to finish, a pitmaster has a step by step preparation process, that Kevin Hoffman is very familiar with.

“You’ve gotta get the food prepped correctly, and you’ve gotta get the temperature right,” Kevin Hoffman said. “And so it’s just like prepping for a game, you watch the pit, you check the food and you just hope at the end when you take it off, that everything’s right.”