High School Football Coaches Making up for Lost Time


WACO, TX – We’re officially 13 days out from high school football players being reunited with their team, for voluntary workouts. Temple head coach, Scott Stewart, is looking forward to getting his players back, and recognizes with the uncharted waters ahead, it will mean a different route to coaching his kids.

“I’ve literally thrown up through a face mask and I lived through it,” Scott Stewart said. “So I’m not as sensitive to dizziness and some of that as others, but we also got to be smart and realize they’re gonna start at square one.”

Coach Stewart has a game plan to make up for the lost time with his players, but in reality, it’s easier said than done.

“We counted, they’re almost 90 days out from their last workout,” Scott Stewart said. “And we’ve got a lot of kids that are doing stuff, but you’re never gonna push yourself as hard on your own.”

Naturally, there will be a learning curve for players to get up to speed, which is challenging, given there’s about 34 workouts they can do this summer.

“It’s gonna be that attention to detail,” Scott Stewart said. “What is the balance between kicking their butts and trying to get them ready for something, but also knowing they’re at square one.”

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