FCA Volleyball Victory Bowl: Blue Team Sweeps Match 3-0

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WACO, TX — The FCA Volleyball Victory Bowl was played on Saturday at Midway high school, and the blue team won the match, sweeping the red team 3-0. Leah Stephenson from Live Oak was named the MVP, and Allissa Rodriguez of Bruceville-Eddy won the Molly Martinson “Braveheart” award.

“It was an amazing experience,” Leah Stephenson said. “We became so close, we became a family, and I would do anything for these girls, if they called me at midnight or 2AM, they need me to come, I’d go for them.”

“Coming in, I’m a very shy girl you know, so coming in I wasn’t sure how to talk to people,” Allissa Rodriguez said. “But then we were put into these teams, and everyone was like ‘hey what’s your name’ and I was like ‘oh okay I’m Allissa’ and I was able to get together with Reagan, I learned a lot about Reagan, it was really enjoyable.”

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