Today at the Ferrell Center, the COO of Allen Samuels, Bill Denton, gave Kim Mulkey the keys to a brand new 2019 Chevrolet Corvette, rewarding Mulkey, for the Lady Bears winning the National Championship.  This marks the second time Mulkey has received a Corvette from Allen Samuels, as they did the same thing back in 2012, after their previous National Title.

“When they won it again, we thought man, what a great idea let’s start a tradition,” Bill Denton said.  “We’ll do a second one, and this time we had a yellow one, which was perfect.”

Allen Samuels has been in Waco since the 1990’s, and they’re overjoyed to give Mulkey a brand new Corvette for the next year.

“Baylor’s always been very important to us,” Bill Denton said.  “Waco has always been very important to us, it hits home and it’s a heart felt give for the car, and we’re just glad to have the relationship.”

Mulkey’s Corvette is a Z06 and has 650 horse power, and Denton hopes this isn’t the last time she’ll be receiving a brand new Corvette from Allen Samuels.

“The plan is for her to win it next year, and then we’ll just swap it out for another one,” Bill Denton said.  “She is in love with Corvettes, she was so excited last time, in 2012, and then it’s leaps, light-years ahead of what it was in 2012, the technology and the car itself so, this is it.”

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