Kim Mulkey has Kept the Lady Bears in the Spotlight


The Associated Press Women’s Basketball Coach of the Year, Kim Mulkey, looks for her third National Title in her career at Baylor, as The Lady Bears face the Oregon Ducks in the Final Four.  Mulkey was named AP coach of the year for the second time in her career yesterday, and she is thrilled to have her team back on the stage in the National Semi-Finals.

“There was a lot of, I don’t know, maybe, unnecessary, undue pressure, on her, on the program, you know, getting back to the Final Four,” Baylor Athletics Director, Mack Rhoades said.  “I always thought that was unfair, just in terms of how hard it is to do and you need great coaching, great talent, but you also need a little bit of luck to do it as well, sometimes you don’t get that luck, and I’m thrilled for her, because again, I think this maybe cements her legacy, in terms of being one of the greatest to coach women’s basketball.”

Mulkey has had her family around the team for the entirety of her career at Baylor.  In 2005, Mulkey’s kids were able to cut down the nets, after winning their first National Championship.  In 2012, Mulkey cut the nets with her daughter, Makenzie, who played on Baylor’s National Championship team, and now, Makenzie is back as a member of the Lady Bear’s staff, with her son Cannon, a full circle of the journey for the Mulkey-Robertson family.

You know, Makenzie and I were talking about it last night at the dinner, when she was on that 2012 team,” Kim Mulkey said.  “What that dinner was for the four kids, compared to what last night was, and it’s pretty amazing, it’s just fun.”

Click the video below for more on Mulkey’s full circle with the Lady Bears.

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