Lady Bears Share Good News About Richards & Ursin After Collision


WACO, TX — The Lady Bears held a press conference today, giving an injury update on DiDi Richards and Moon Ursin, after their collision at practice last week, and both players are on the mend to recovery. Ursin is going through concussion protocol, and in phase 3 of the 5 phase progression. As for Richards, her road to recovery requires more detail, as she sustained a spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormality.

With the uniqueness of Richards injury, there is not a timeline on when she’ll be back. However, after several body scans, there is no permanent damage, which is great news, and she’s already made progress this week.

Media members were not at practice to see the collision, so Kim Mulkey and Richards told us what exactly happened.

“Moon’s face and head and shoulder hit DiDi in mid air,” Kim Mulkey said. “On the right side of her hip area, and DiDi does like a pirouette, if that’s what you call it, in the air.”

“I looked down and could see someone coming full fledge at me that wasn’t seeing me,” DiDi Richards said. “So I tried to avoid her, I ended up getting hit and whenever I realized I was on the ground, by the time I realized I was on the ground, I couldn’t really feel different parts.”

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