Lady Bears Welcome Grad Transfer PG, Te’a Cooper


WACO, TX – Last year, the Lady Bears had a grad transfer help lead them to a National Title, in point guard Chloe Jackson. This season, the team is welcoming another grad transfer, point guard Te’a Cooper, from South Carolina, who led the Gamecocks in scoring in 2018-2019. In a short period of time, Cooper has clicked with the team, and loves their funny personality.

“They’re so sweet, they all get along, they all laugh and joke,” Te’a Cooper said. “I mean, it has to be the funniest team I’ve seen, like all of them. It’s not one person, it’s like they’re all the same person, they’re all funny, they’re cool to be around, it’s a pleasure to be around them honestly.”

The Lady Bears welcomed Cooper to their team, with open arms.

“I’m a friendly person, I welcome everybody,” Honesty Scott Grayson said. “I don’t hold grudges against nobody, I’m happy to have them, Te’a, and I think we can get another ship, we’re gonna do it.”

Cooper is also best friends with Chloe Jackson, which gave her a special insight to the Lady Bears basketball program.

“Me and Chloe are best friends,” Te’a Cooper said. “So I got to listen to her whole story, I got the inside on her transition here.”

Cooper went into detail about why she transferred out of South Carolina.

“I was really playing out of position, at South Carolina,” Te’a Cooper said. “And I wanted a chance to play point guard, and it just so happened that Chloe was a grad transfer and they lost a point guard, so it’s a great situation for me.”

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