Lampasas Pitcher, Ace Whitehead, Stays in Baseball Shape Without Team Practices


WACO, TX – High school athletes are not allowed to workout or practice at their school’s facilities, making it difficult to stay on course, without daily practice reps. However, Lampasas junior baseball pitcher, Ace Whitehead, has made time to practice on his own, and understands the sacrifice athletes have to make because of COVID-19.

“The Lord has a plan for all of us,” Ace Whitehead said. “It does suck not getting to compete in track and in baseball, but if we have to sacrifice that for the sake of humanity as a whole, I think that’s a pretty good deal, and you’ve just got to keep your head down, keep working, and pray for the positives to come out of it.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced high school athletes to grow up fast, because they have to take the self initiative to practice on their own, which is completely different from what they’re used to.

“Self discipline is a hard thing to manage, especially as a young adult,” Ace Whitehead said. “A lot of athletes are learning time management right now, because you go from waking up at 6AM, going to workouts, going to school, everything is laid out, and now you’re own your own.”

Whitehead is a disciplined athlete, and has perfected his craft by practicing with his Dad, in addition to doing 1,000 pushups a day.

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