Aggies Hope To Learn From Disappointing Afternoon at Clemson

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Aggies Frustrated by Clemson Loss

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Texas A&M is coming off a frustrating performance against the National Champs in Death Valley.

The Final tally was 24-10 but the Aggies squandered opportunities early to put some distance between themselves and the Tigers.

By the time the Aggies found the endzone it was too little too late. Head coach Jimbo Fisher sensed his team’s frustration after the loss and he likes that they felt that way and he feels like it shows the growth taking place within his program.

“You just have to keep playing and play better in those situations,” Fisher said. “It’s the first time, Since we’ve been here that we’ve went in against the number one team in the country, and people expected us to have one heckuva chance to win, that’s part of the learning curve, which we have to go through. I love that people had the expectations, for us that means the growth in which we’ve shown. Last year in any of those games we weren’t expected to win it was just, ‘Hey just go play well.’ We were expecting to win and hoping to win, and we thought we should win. I thought we’ve made a lot of growth in that area, but you’be got to play in those moments and grow in your organization, and have experience in those situations to get to those situations.

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