Alternative Baseball Organization Aims to Add Teams in Central Texas

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WACO — The Alternative Baseball organization is aiming to bring baseball to Adults 15-and-over in Central Texas with Austism and special needs.

The organization was founded in 2016 by Taylor Duncan who loves the game of baseball but found himself limited by developmental delays and social stigmas. Duncan’s disappointment peaked when he was part of a little league team whose coach was all about winning.

“He deemed me too much of an injury risk to participate,” Duncan said. “He made what was supposed to be a fun experience into something that was just about winning, winning, winning.”

It was that experience that mad Duncan want to ensure that players with special needs could play as long as they would like to.

“January 2016, I felt like I had to get this started,” Duncan said. “For others just like myself because so many of us are under served. Because once I graduated high school, the Macho Man Randy Savage music stopped, well, guess what else stops right? The services because there’s an age cap.”

Duncan who is now the Commissioner/ Director of the Alternative Baseball Organization wants to bring teams to Central Texas.

“Not only can we do it in Waco, we can do it in Killeen, we can do it in Temple, we can do it any of the surrounding areas,” he said. “We can have three programs, one serving each area. As long as we had the coach/manager and the players in this community support.”

While the players in Alternative baseball enjoy the game itself Ducan says it’s just as much about the camaraderie between players.

“We want to show as many as possible in the community that we are more than capable,” he said. “We want to show you what we can do. Come out and see us play, it’s much more than a baseball game. I always call it a baseball experience, because, we learn from the experience to be able to take with us, it throughout the rest of our lives.”

If you would like to participate as a coach or manager, click here. If you would like to sign up to play, click here.

You can also get more information by contacting or calling 770-313-1762.

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